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5 years of Pricing and Market Research experience in B2B industry. Expertise in value based pricing methodology and gathering voice of customer through various platforms.

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From experience, I can tell you that customers will always say that prices are too high and you need to lower it. They will not be doing their job if they don't. So take the survey voices with a grain of salt.

One of the first things you need to do is determine who are you competing against. Next determine what attributes you offer that they don't and are important to your customer. Maybe you offer 24 x 7 support and your competitor does not. And maybe your customer values this. If so, determine how much is this feature worth to them. That should give you a good idea for price.

Perhaps the most important part is to then go and show the customers this analysis. Make them aware of the value you have created. Show them how their product or service is better because of you.

Hope this gives you some framework to address your question. All the best

You need to be analytically strong and understand financial concepts. The basic building block is understanding time value of money, discount rates, cash flows etc. Essentially, that will be your main job, to understand a firm's value. You'll have to say more on what you know so far (educational background etc) for me to dig deeper in this field.

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