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Try to think about to put your company into a blockchain structure, anonymous, global, without location, using smartcontracts.

Blockchain is linked to bit coin but change your mindset into blockchain technology can change everything : money without banks, identities without government, and much more!

What do you do with your succesful company?

In the past I have seen good examples of succesful entrepreneurs like: Brian wrong (kuip), Garreth Gee(scanned)

If you like to chat...contact me for free!

I think survey frameworks in apps are the most revolutionary and engaging

But also services like Kipp are great!

We work with companies for longterm, trust goes first! We have our HQ in Chernivtsi,Ukraine and I'm project manager based in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

We are a software companie:
Glooni.com Global IT Support
Focussed on new technologies : iBeacons, Internet of Things, mobile, and more

We mostly work for clients in Europe but also did a project related to Wearables in San Francisco (remotely)

More then one! I am owner of community : Beacon iced on Google+! Check it out and find the best white papers, examples, companies: Estimote, Lightcurb, beacons tachtig, to me a few

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