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Charity Founder & CEO, Media & Creative Content Producer, Professional Speaker, Produced two Live Broadcasts that impacted 10,000,000+ people with viewers in 100+ countries.

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Sounds like an interesting and meaningful media project. I believe that stories have the power to change lives, which is why I built Count Me In into a transmedia storytelling machine, rather than simply following the old school business plan model. The tricky part was finding a way to ensure that our 'storytelling machine' was also a 'fundraising machine.' I found that the easiest way to monetize our media projects was through sponsorship. Basically, the more people that see your work, the more valuable it is for a company to have their brand associated with your project. In addition to corporate partners and sponsorship revenue, finding a way to turn web traffic into an engaged contact list will also prove invaluable on your journey of making 'One Life, One Passion' profitable AND sustainable. This can be a lot to take in, especially in written form. I'd be happy to jump on a quick call to answer your question in greater detail. I would also be happy to share how I have personally developed a long-lasting relationship with a particular corporate sponsor by meticulously crafting a story that I knew would resonate with their brand...and that proposal resulted in a multi year 6-figure sponsorship.

Best of luck with your venture!

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