Tyler C BeatyDTC, B2C, and B2B Sales, Marketing, and 3PL Expert

I help entrepreneurs, startups, & established brands develop & implement global growth strategies that unlock sales & profit opportunities in the DTC, B2C, & B2B space.

Together we'll create an action plan that leverages sales, marketing, & supply chain (3PL) best practices that will get your physical/digital products prominently featured, sold, & delivered to the home of your ideal customer.

My expertise comes from 15+ years of real-world experience, gained from rolling up my sleeves & figuring out what works and what doesn't. I use what I've learned to guide you in implementing best practices that impact your top and bottom-line results.

I enjoy teaching others how to leverage what I've learned while avoiding my mistakes. I've done this for 100s of products sold DTC and those sold via Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Carrefour, Costco, Dixons, Fnac, Shopify, Target, Walmart, & many other resellers & distributors in North America, EMEA, & APAC.

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A good starting point for determining valuation is 3x your annual profits. That said, you may find a 1 - 2X variance up or down depending on the type of product(s), the category or categories you sell in, your total number of SKUs, etc.

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