President of Leadership Options, LLC and co-founder of Women's Learning Studio. Has taught leadership courses and served as a high school principal and leadership development coordinator. Passionate about making a difference.

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Patience and persistence are important, and it is important to gain knowledge and skills in a specific field.
At the same time, you want to look at who you are. Whether you are going to become an entrepreneur or work in business or industry, you will want to consider basic personal skills. These include your emotional intelligence, physical presence and ability to build trust. These skills help you connect with other people, and it is these connections that help you to be successful in any field you enter.
Each of us may believe we are strong enough in one or more of those categories, but additional study can be very valuable. Learn what makes up emotional intelligence, what leadership or personal presence entails and how you build trust. As you have different experiences in whatever field you choose, continue to monitor and improve these skills.
Get objective viewpoints and feedback so you know where to begin and where you want to go. Working with a mentor or coach can be very valuable for you.
Good luck.

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