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A personal statement says a lot about yourself, personal achievements and interests you have in your field of education. You can start writing by introducing yourself and the recent school you have attended. Also write about courses you learnt in your previous school and how it has built your interest to study the new course you want to undertake. Write about personal achievements and experiences and link it with reasons why you want to take up the new course. Give strong reasons why you chose that school and course and talk about what you bring on board when you join the school.

I believe you should try some crowdfunding sites and also since your business has generated quite some amount of revenue you should try pitching to some investors. All the best

Congratulations on the major Success of your business.I believe you should hire a PR person who would engage your customers and develop a marketing strategy for your business. Social media is very key for your business and you need to focus more on that. Thank you

You can focus on your business whiles you seek advice from a mentor who has vast experience in your area of interest or business field. Whiles you are gaining advice and support from this mentor you can later take on a business course if your business has started growing. Thank you

1) Do a thorough search to find out if it already exists.If you find it does, do not give up on your inspiration too hastily.
2)Talk to others about your idea, especially people you trust.
3)If your idea has support, then consider developing an MVP, or minimum viable product, to determine if it is a product you and others would really use.
4)If your testing goes well and you feel that you might have a winning idea, start building a brand around it now.
5)Ask questions like
i)"How do I get my first customer?"
ii)"How do I get my n-th customer?"

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