Sol OrwellI build companies for fun.

Have built 6 companies online, 3 valued at 7 figures+ Mostly known for co-founding @Examinecom. Now I just enjoy life and do what I like.

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You can always use javascript so that it can open the answer on the page, but then for search engines lead them to a specific page for that FAQ.

My favorite place is to go to where the experts hang out - I usually need a co-founder who is an expert in their subject matter, and I take care of everything else.

Best place I've had success with? reddit.

Mind you, I'm no interloper; I've been part of reddit for over 9 years. I just join the relevant subreddits, see what people are seeing, and slowly but surely I figure out who the even-keeled intelligent people are.

I then reach out and take it from there...

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