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To keep things simple, you might want to survey existing clients and contacts. Using a newsletter approach, use an online survey, asking 3-5 simple questions. Happy to access my archives to help you develop the request and questions.

To increase participation, offer an incentive to thank people who take the time to respond.

Keep in mind this is the first step in what might be a long process. Keep it simple and do whatever it takes to avoid paralysis by analysis.

Interesting scenario. I offer two approaches for your consideration.

APPROACH #1: What does your strategic plan tell you is the right decision to make? If you don't have a strategic plan, perhaps the time is right to put some time and effort into preparing one. The magic of strategic planning is not so much about the finished document as it is about the decision-making process that leads to the plan.

This planning can be done either on a do-it-yourself basis or with the assistance of a third party facilitator. Having been in both roles, I'd be happy to discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each with you.

APPROACH #: 2 What decision will best lead to the achievement of your goals? Only you know the answer to that question. Again, it's a choice between DIY and third party facilitator, each of which has its own relative advantages and disadvantages.

Sorry for answering your question with more questions. Sometimes that's the only way to go. :)

It's always risky to offer a service without a price. Most purchasers want to know what a service is going to cost before even investigating.

You might consider three pricing levels: basic, premium and custom. The first two would be set prices for specific packages. The third would be for custom work as defined by customers.

Instead of getting all hung up on pricing, focus on the value that customers will receive. And not just financial value...promote non-financial benefits customers will receive. What will customers get from your service: reduced stress, more time, peach of mind, status?

I don't know enough about your specific work. Happy to help you sort out the pricing structure and the matching benefits & values.

Earning a living by publishing books either in hard copy or Ebook format is a tough slog. I have published over 20 books in both formats. Some of the books were self-published others published by major publishing houses such as Doubleday, Prentice Hall and McGraw Hill. Two of these books were best-sellers, each as a result of my own marketing efforts.

Since you are good at writing and enjoy research, you might try freelancing. There is a huge demand for good content for online use. And with the growth of content marketing, many businesses are looking for good writers to help prepare great content.

I don't know what your fields of interest and expertise are; give me a call an i will help get you started on researching potential sources of freelance work.

Starting an online paid membership community is really seductive. I am in the same process. Among the many things I've learned is that to make it work, you need a very large following. And to develop this following, it's necessary to be very active on the social media that best connects with your target audience.

There are so many other considerations that I have decided to postpone the launch of my community until next spring. Happy to share my experiences with you learn from my mistakes.

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