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Christina Aldan builds connections through the community, through social media, graphic design, social networks and technological education. She uses these tools to help individuals and businesses cultivate value in everyday media. Geek Girl. Digital Advertising Consultant. Mentor. Learn more at:

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As mentioned already, a multi-faceted marketing strategy is essential to driving traffic to your app. Suggest using instagram's new feature for buying your app if your users are on inatagram. Facebook ads may also help drive traffic (but only if your app is targeted towards facebook users). Make sure you are creating updates and new features regularly and notifying your fans by email. Build your email list with a landing page that captures their email. In return for signing up for your news and updates, give people a free tips sheet. Keep a blog and regularly post stories about your game development and about game characters.

If I were you, I would network with two strategies in mind, since you have two target audiences: 1) Host monthly open house events to invite the community into your practice to meet you and your staff. Offer giveaways during the open house for free consultations and healthy gift baskets. 2) Visit networking meetings where you may find collaborators such as herbalists, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc. with whom you may form potential partnerships.

Xero's subscription model helps them grow sustainably. They have trained and positioned Xero experts around the globe. The experts serve a region and sign up subscribers underneath them. By targeting professionals who may already have a client base that is in Xero's target market (for example, CPA's who advise startups or Bookkeepers who may be searching for something more user-friendly than Quickbooks) they have been able to scale quickly. It helps that their user interface is intuitive, as well.

My local meetup groups have been key to my success in connecting with others who have similar interests. I also say "yes" to networking groups and fundraisers that are outside what I would normally attend. I do this to create diversity within my network so I benefit from new perspectives. For example, a "Fancy Hat Ladies Tea" fundraiser that supports a dog shelter may be outside the tech industry, but I benefit in forming new connections, plus I gain valuable info on how to help my two clients who serve dog owners. One client operates a local dog boarding/grooming business and the other is a boutique store with locations on the Las Vegas Strip and the Town Square mall.

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