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Creator of The Renegade CFO Corporate Finance Training Series. Entrepreneur and lover of small/medium sized business and social enterprise. Community development venture and alternative finance specialist.

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It's time to find your passion. There's something out there that is your calling. If it were you're industry we wouldn't be having this conversation. You'd be surprised a) how much more you can tolerate the "job" if you have to, and b) how quickly you'll make even more money once you connect with your passion.

I'm sorry to hear you've lost a job. I have been there (was in a shrinking industry for years), like so many others. However, I have no regrets about finally infusing my life with the work that lights me up.

Reach out as needed. There are a lot of us here who "get it."

I'm a feelance CFO and I work actively with early stage companies. I've been at this for almost 30 years. Some of my current and recent clients wrestle actively with this very questions.

My advice is to have the tough conversations right up front, early in the team building process. This usually consists of answering questions like, "who's in charge and what does that really mean," "who gets how much of the company and when and in exchange for what," "what are you, you and you really bringing to the table in terms of skills and cash," and "who is really in a life situation that will allow them to sustain their commitment to the business?"

Any team that can get through these questions can get through the trials of surviving startup.

I'm happy to talk with you directly about these issues and, in particular, to help look at them through a strategic financial planning lens.

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