Dr. Serhat TATLICEO & Entrepreneur with PhD in Change Management

* Well networked Entrepreneur, Chairman, CEO, and Managing Partner in mobile telecommunications, consumer electronics, IT, renewable energy, and digital marketing & internet consulting sectors since 2011.
* Member of Board, CEO, and Executive management in mobile telecommunications, consumer electronics, IT, and renewable energy sectors with an experience of directing above billion USD within years 2000-2011. Long years of top executive position for Panasonic in Turkey.
* Executive consultant and keynote speaker for leadership, change, strategy, innovation, career management, digital marketing, and gamification topics. Founder and builder of "Değişim Doktoru®" brand which stands for "Doctor Change". A member of StartersHub & Startupbootcamp Istanbul mentor group.
* Deep strategic partnership experience both at international and national levels via managing and executing business at C-level with Panasonic, WSI, Turkcell, Teknosa, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Dell, Turkish Telecom, MediaSaturn, Vatan, Bimeks, Hepsiburada, etc. as well as government offices like Ministries.
* Distinguished academic track record recently honored by PhD degree in Management with a dissertation subject on change management.
* Lecturer at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University for 'Organizational Change Management' courses.
* TV and Radio programmer with regular weekly live shows since 2009.
* Active contributions to key sectoral associations

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Act in favor of life events.. That cash saved without doing so will not make your startup move..! For startups the key is not the seed capital as generally accepted, but instead the psychology & mood of the founder.. So go & get motivated and stay away from the sense of loneliness..!

Never waste your time to look around.. Go & get in touch with startup communities like incubators, accelerators, co-working places, collective talks, etc.. Hit ratio would be low but hit effectiveness would be promising..!

After all these extensive answers, some other points to consider in brief if your product is B2B:

1- What is the the customers budgeting approach & limits regarding OPEX vs. CAPEX
2- Do they favor discount or installed payment?

Last but not least, you can always promote the way you prefer in a strategic way via comparison manner.. However, this is easy to say, hard to execute..

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