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Short answer: MLM marketing is about the products and payouts. Do your research in the company before you invest. All MLMs are not created equal.

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I am a lawyer and worked on multiple class action suits.

Here is a simple and short answer. You (or someone from the group) has to actually consult with a lawyer at a law firm(s) that handles class action suits. A simple Google search will let you know which firms handles those types of cases in your state (or just watch the class action suit commercials and give those firms a call).

Depending on how big the "class", class action suits take years to research and settle, costing millions of dollars in lawyer fees. The firm does not charge the clients for the legal fees, they take a percentage of the settlement.

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I am a contract and negotiation expert. I have over 8 years of small business advising and consulting experience. A more detailed bio is easily available on all social media and this site.

Let me be a lawyer and give this disclaimer

*This is not legal advice, and this information does establish an attorney/client relationship. This is merely for educational purposes*

Here are some short answers to get you started, hopefully in the right direction.

1. If it is an option, always ask for a % of the gross. There is a term that I use, "companies WILL net you to death!" Legally, companies have a wide range of what can be written off as an expense, thus shrinking the net profit, thus affecting your rate.

If you can't get a % of gross, make sure you have a detailed list of expenses that are routinely taken out every month, and negotiate from there.


In some (if not most) businesses there are "necessary" (internet and rent) and "unnecessary" (payment on Lexus for CEO) expenses. Your goal is to eliminate all the unnecessary expenses from the raw number that you will be taking your percentage from.

2. There are many template contracts available. I think entrepreneur is trustworthy (and free).

Here is the link

3. I think it would be smart to ask for some type of accounting sheet. Thus, how would you know if they are telling you the truth about profits and/or net.

An additional question to ask yourself, is what are the benefits to taking a percentage vs. a flat fee? I'm assuming the contract is going to be based on performance, thus another option can be a base fee, with bonuses after you hit certain numbers. Just something to think about.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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5 Short Tips On Focusing!

There is a ton of research out there ranging from everything such as what tea to drink, what music to listen to (should you be listening to music!??) to what office chair to buy! Here are 5 basic tips to help you stay focused.

1. Get a good nights sleep!

Sounds simple but Americans have been sold that less sleep is something to be proud of, but the science says otherwise.

You can start you research on the importance of sleep here.

2. Unplug!

Again, sounds simple, but in the world where we are "on" 24/7/365, that can be a struggle, particularly for young entrepreneurs who do not really remember the world without the internet.

For more information, this is a great start!

3. Constantly focus on your "Big MoFo Motivation" (hereafter MOFO)

What is you big MOFO motivation for being an entrepreneur? The answer to this question should actually be #1 most important factor on why you should be focusing! You have to find that MOFO by any means necessary! It is that MOFO that is going to motivate you when the you hit the wall of "randomness" (it can be when you drift off on that FB thread, watching back to back cat videos on youtube, etc.)!

It is in those moments where if you are constantly focusing on your MoFo goal that you will ask yourself, "does this promote my big MoFo goal?" If not, if you have really found that MOFO, you will get back on track. If you have not found it, well, you are going to continue to watch cat videos!

4. Schedule Breaks

Your brain is like a muscle. Much like you can't work a muscle without the proper rest, you cant focus for long periods of time. Burnout happens.

I think the prevailing wisdom is that if you WORK (you must actually be working!) straight for 45 minutes of work, you should take a 15-minute BREAK FROM WORK (a break really means a break, like as in go for a walk or something) and return fresh.

More info:

5. Meditate

Steve Jobs meditated. That one reason should be more than enough for you to jump on the meditation train!

Steve Jobs:

I hope this helps!

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