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Authors-Experts-Speakers- I come from your unique world. WSJ bestseller who successfully monetized and marketed my books and content. Spokesperson for Goodwill Industries Int'l (8 yrs), Staples, Microsoft, Brother, FedEx Office, Rubbermaid, Swingline, and others. Contributing Editor for Woman's Day magazine for 4 years. Hundreds of TV, print, and radio interviews, worked with many agencies on many campaigns with world-class brands. Had a successful membership site for 10 years. My products are sold in the Container Store. Trained for many years closely with Brendon Burchard and appeared as an example in his Millionaire Messenger book. I love helping businesses get an objective look at their brands!

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I wish I could give you the perfect answer-- we are using Infusionsoft + CustomerHub, which is NOT the best solution given they don't have a forum feature-- we have had to tack on "Tender" which is built as a support ticket/help desk engine and we've had to modify it quite a bit. I think it's ridiculous that CustomerHub doesn't have a forum given they are a membership site platform--!? Anyway, I can speak to Infusionsoft-- yes, it is expensive and yes, it is complex, but I am happy with their ability to handle VOLUME and their ability to customize and refine to infinite possibilities. There is a lot of power in that and it's built for growth and seems very sustainable. I have had a membership site for 9 years, and believe me, you don't want to move your entire platform when it becomes obsolete-- that is a huge job. You do need some assistance setting it up, but after that you can maintain on your own. I also love the way I can run multiple businesses/income streams all through one Infusionsoft account. That is valuable too. Hope this helps.

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