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What are you passionate about? I coach people on getting into their groove again. Being flexible can be a great thing and it also can cause major issues. People are driven by many different things and these things all have an impact on one's life. A balanced body, mind, and spirit allows for great growth in all areas of life. I would love to discuss the ways in which I help people develop these other passions for success.

I do believe that support in all areas of one's life is necessary for success. These people give an outside perspective on what you may not be seeing. Master mind groups with fellow entrepreneurs may be a great start for you and also setting up systems that allow for growth in every area of your life is a must. I would love to speak with you on how I have helped people, such as yourself. We started with their wants and progressed to what they needed next to achieve a higher level in life and in business.

I would speak with a local fine jeweler and build a relationship with them. They may have the contacts you need to take your project to the next level by giving you the best professional advice.

I have a friend who is doing this also. He is producing a e-magazine and has people blog for him on different areas of interest to give different content. He also writes certain articles on topics that are his specialty. I would love to speak with you about the different direction you want to go in. A magazine can also have sponsors.

Having a passion for what you are doing is the best thing to have. I help people create their purpose in working in their passion. When these two things come together you will really enjoy what you are doing and also see the different possibilities that are out there for you to make. I recommend that everyone have a job in the service industry. I feel the restaurant industry helps people learn customer service and sales really well. Love to speak with you what area you may want to get started in. Shawn Huber

I have worked with many chiropractors over the years. We build together different ways to generate leads and other revenue streams. I would love to go into more detail with you. Please contact me so we can set up a time.
Shawn Huber

I would want it to tell the story of the two people getting married. Have the couple fill out a survey on what they like to what they want. I would also have video testimonials on your website from a few people who you have already done work with. People want to see real people these days and not actors. They want to see themselves in the pictures and connect with the photographer.

Personality tests work sometimes. I would want to see them in action. Here is an idea. Put out three questions that you would like your sales person to know and have them summit a video of them answering these questions. This way you can really see their personality, from their posture to their voice.

I worked with a guy, who was with SKY news for 18 years, and we did a great transition for him into coaching. We discussed his strengths and weaknesses. We looked into what his passion was and created a purpose for it. I would want to work with you on who you want to serve and why. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Shawn Huber

I had to define my perfect client and focus on that niche'. It is about having the idea and following through with it. I had to become known for helping a certain type of person and getting them the results they wanted and over delivering. You need the wow factor and keep on learning about yourself and your business.

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