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Hi, I’m Shane! I am a transformational leader of teams and organizations, propelling drastic growth from the start-up phases—leading and mentoring talent into top-producers and generating tens of millions in gross monthly revenue.

My understanding of sales drivers combined with the ability to inspire and a willingness to uncover and create solutions has resulted in a track record of unparalleled success. I foster cross-collaborative, highly engaged cultures among executive teams and stakeholders. As an agent of positive change and as a trusted advisor, I excel in demanding, highly visible environments. I transform ideas, goals and challenges into actionable strategies.

Recent highlight include:
 Driving force behind revenue growth from $5M to $30M in two years.

I possess a demonstrated ability to forge new revenue streams via savvy interpretation of data and development/execution of winning strategies. Want to see what your business can really do? Connect with me today!

Recent Answers

This question can be difficult to answer specifically, without knowing the product you are selling to fashion companies, however here is a good starting point.

Once you understand who your product is targeting within the organization, or who you are selling to, go to Linkedin to and search for the people in that department. Start at the top to identify 5 people that you can reach out to. Once you have their names, there are several techniques to locate contact information, with the contact info you can begin the 3 T's of communications, Targeted, Timed and Topical.

Targeted means that you are direct in why you are reaching out, to the point.

Timed means that you are reaching out in a coordinated manner until you get a response. So a call and email on Day 1 then again Day 3, 5, 7 and 10. This can be done in many different combinations, but I like a series of 10 communications(emails and calls) over 10 days that progress in information and call to actions in each contact.

Lastly, Topical means to make it relevant to the person you are speaking to. Use the information you can find online about the person, or their business/industry and play to their interest.

I hope this helps and would be glad to discuss in more detail in a call. Take care and good luck!

Practice, practice, practice. I had the same issues early in my career, then turned it around so that I feel comfortable on the phone, web, in person, talking to 1 person or speaking in front of 500. I was able to overcome those issues by first, knowing the material completely, secondly writing it down, and lastly saying it out loud, wash, rinse, repeat.

First, I believe that knowledge leads to confidence and with a deep understanding of the material the words can flow from you, instead of you having to think about what to say next. So know what you are presenting inside and out.

Secondly, Write it down. For me, this process allows me to "work my words." By writing it down, I get it out of the vagueness in my head into clear ideas. This can be an outline or simply just a stream of thoughts, there is no right way, it's about just putting the thoughts to paper.

Once it's out of my head and on paper, I say it out loud, to make sure everything sounds right. If it doesn't I go back to the writing and continue to work the wording until they are my voice and flow naturally.

Lastly, don't hesitate to pull others into your practice session, use your friends, spouse or peers, as a sounding board. They don't have to know the subject, because they'll be able to tell if you are confident or not.

Presentations of any sort when "nailed" are exhilarating, feel free to set up a call to dive deeper.

Sales is about applied knowledge. There are a ton of great books, many of them previously listed. A couple that have recently read, that really resonated, were "The Challenger Sale" and Dan Pink's "To Sell is Human".

Read, then apply, then read again, and re-apply. Put yourself out there, understand rejection is not personal, rather a chance to improve. Anyone can be a great salesperson if they approach it like learning any other skill. Good luck!

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