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Entrepreneur, Consultant, Inventor. Expert in design and execution of Customer Lifecycles and Operational Frameworks in various industries. Transcendent leader with 15 years of experience in client onboarding/exiting, operational sustainability, product/service implementation and delivery, complaints handling, and “Tone of Voice” communication.

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This is not a simple question to answer, but one I can relate to because I am currently creating an online course and I initially struggled getting passed the outline phase. I found the driving factor to determine the best organization of instructional content is understanding what your audience wants (or needs) to learn from your course.

There are several organizational methods you can use. I’ll list a few examples, and I’d be happy to discuss further if you need help structuring yours.

1) Sequential: This method is best used to teach a step-by-step process, like the installation of a computer system.
2) Hierarchical: This method is best used to teach content which requires that a learner master subordinate skills or knowledge to advance to a higher level skill. For example, in order to teach someone how to trade stocks, they would first need to learn about the stock market.
3) Importance: This method is best used when teaching policies — commonly used by companies for internal training where they explain the important topics first, and progress to less important, ancillary topics.
4) Complexity: This method is best used when the topic you are teaching is difficult and may turn off your audience. You ease the audience with easier, generic topics, and progress to more difficult topics.

Hope this helps! And request a call if you need assistance designing your course.

- Armando

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