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Try to answer questions people have about home decor! Poll friends (or better yet, the readers on your blog) to find out what plagues/inspires them the most (kind of like what you did in your question by asking us about our favorite home decor topic). Troubleshooting, short cuts, DIY and personal stories about how you handled the same situation always has appeal. I'd also grab a few home decor magazines and see what those features look like. To answer your question, I'd like a slightly different angle -- cleaning. What's the point of home decor if the space is filled with clutter? ;-) Good luck and reach out if you'd like any help! I have three websites (two author sites and one foodie site) and have helped several others with their lifestyle/living blogs.

Yes. It's as simple as, "When I read the story about Howard Moskowitz in Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling book, xxx, it made me realize ...." Just be sure to retell/explain in your own words. Good luck!

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