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Entrepreneur and Business Performance Improvement Strategist. I utilize a proven system created from over 26 years of business experience called "Reaching Your Profit Potential." My expertise is growing and sustaining a highly profitable business and I am passionate about entrepreneurship, direct response marketing and seeing opportunities and unmet needs in the marketplace. Since founding VIE in 1999, we have successfully competed against all of the large global consulting firms and found niches and opportunities ahead of the curve. Innovation in the marketplace has proven to be our "success formula."

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Since this question is from a year ago you most likely have made progress towards launching your idea. However one of my recommendations would be to partner with a hospital as a beta site. That has been a proven and low cost entry for many of my clients and with my own company. Pressure ulcers are very problematic for patients their families and costly to hospitals so an innovative idea is necessary to solve this problem or make it better. If you would like to learn more I am available for a phone consult.

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