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I have personally, single-handed raked in over half-a-million dollars ($500,000+) in honest Google Adsense revenues. So, the short answer is Yes, it is possible, and highly advisable.

The key to success is an unwavering passion about something that you can continue doing day in day out, and have the patience to keep doing it while the project takes roots.

Today you can generate passive revenue streams from websites, mobile apps, affiliate programs, and more. Rather than continue taking in vague terms I suggest you call me and we can discuss your specific situation and what is the most applicable direction.

This sector is already quite competitive in UAE. I am sure it wont be easy in France either.

What is your USP?
What specialty can you target?
What is your past track record in this field that makes you stand out?
What is your past track record overall in both of these locations?
What size of setup are you planning to start with?
Do you have the required capital available to sustain you for 12-24months if the cashflows do not turn positive?
Do you have your key team members already identified and ready to join you?

These are few questions to get your research going.

Feel free to contact.

I would first attend that person's actual training sessions to judge his quality of delivery in a live setting.

Once convinced, the next question is the revenue sharing ratio. If he is doing most of the work, including development of the training material, while he is using my training company name then I would consider something like 70:30, to him after paying for all the direct expenses.

Of course, if the course fails to sell enough seats and is cancelled, or not cancelled but does not breakeven then the costs incurred including those on promotion should be evenly split.

You are free to negotiate any other ratios.

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