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It's primarily a relationships game.

- Recruiting someone who has a large rolodex of relationships in the space
- Build something on bing news search api and scrape all of the job postings of healthcare institutions to find "signals" indicating someone needs the solution you have to flag companies.

This almost always effectively comes down to contact database abuse.

Linkedin Grew and got a 10M USD fine after importing addressbooks of users and inviting a ton of people to the platform.

Ebay and Paypal had interplay requirements.

Airbnb abused craigslist bots in the early days.

There's always platform abuse to grow a P2P marketplace.

Set aside a budget of ~500 USD.

1. Identify source URLs where the contact info of Real Estate Builders & Developers sits.

2. Go to apifier.com

3. Hire them to crawl construction builder and real estate website developer URLs. You can grab the phone number and email address of many of them this way.

4. Use mailshake.com to do email blasts to these folks for biz dev.

5. Rinse and repeat for different geographies.

The best place to learn is priceintelligently.com

They've done a lot of work on their blog explaining key metrics and helping SaaS companies grow through data driven experiments.

As far as growth hacking, I highly recommend the following:

- Learn how to write well - read On Writing Well - Writing is your analog attack vector for anybody doing growth.

- Participate in online forums that interest you. You need to naturally make it part of your DNA understanding how forums work, feeling the highs, the lows, the no traffic, the high traffic, etc... get obsessed.

- Learn APIs, how they work, and regularly browse sites like Producthunt.com and betalist.com to learn about new products. WHen you see them, try to imagine how they were built and upon which APIs they were constructed.

- Scraping & Crawling - learn the game bit.ly/scrapingmonster

- Build Automation bots leveraging zapier initially, and as you get more advanced, learn the capabilities of tools like ubotstudio.

If you have zero resources, this is exactly how I would proceed. Especially without technical skills.

1.) Go to tomodo.com
2.) Skin the growthhacker.tv site. with your own graphics.
3.) Manually reach out to people on letslunch.com who are developers and show them mockups of your site that you've built on tomodo and ask for advice. Do this 3 times and collect their feedback.
4.) Keep talking to developers until you find one that is as amped about building your site as you are.

5.) If you book me, I can walk you through more trips and tactics as a non-tech person.

I would talk to the team at http://efabless.com Really helpful guys and they can get you an IC prototype for $100 - $10,000

They've built a lot of the smartphone IC's you see in mobile products today. If you're dealing with FCC part 15, give me a shout and I can help you navigate a bit.

There's never a substitute for building your product and talking to customers.

If you're not well versed in growth hacking, let's talk.

Depending on your market, there's a variety of algorithmic ways to pursue customers and hundreds of API's to power the pursuit.

The one insight I have here that isn't often mentioned is the number of high fidelity backlinks per an hour that you're able to produce.

If you use http://ahrefs.com you'll notice that the highest growth ventures have a strong correlation with backlinks. (Causality is difficult to identify, but correlation isn't. ) The internet was built for land-grab tactics.

http://makersrow.com - this is probably your best bet.

I wouldn't use a website though.

I'd talk to entrepreneurs and creators of high tech textiles in the USA. Look specifically at http://titintech.com and Klymit jacket. Reach out to those founders and learn as much as possible. Both of them are really nice guys and might be better equipped to share horror stories as well.

Also be sure to look at http://reddit.com/r/textiles

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