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Your target is overly ambitious but there's nothing wrong with that. To be able to properly help I need to have more information about your business, but I'll provide you here with a few generic thoughts that could help.

- Build a referral program that your current customers can use to refer clients to you, and gain a commission or a discount on their next purchase.

- Look closely at your sales funnel and see what parts can be better optimized and automated. 3-6 months per deal is way too much time to spend, I'm sure it can be tweaked to involve less time and effort from your end.

- Find a company that offers a complimentary but not competitive service, and package your services together into a single package, this could actually be SalesForce itself.

- Look for the markets with the best potential, and focus most of your efforts there.

Best of luck :)

Bad, and here's why.

Why do you have a blog on your startup website to begin with? I'm assuming it is to generate more traffic to your website, and to position yourself as a leader in your industry. If you syndicate your content, you're losing both.

First off, your organic reach will most probably suffer, due to the fact that search engines will consider this duplicate content and will lower the reach of this content everywhere it's posted (Assuming they were kind enough, and didn't penalize the websites). It does not matter that the blog post was posted first at your website, your reach will suffer! You could avoid this with a few tactics like using canonical links, but none of those tactics are guaranteed.

Now to the second part, lets say you were looking up a very specific topic and happened to find the same article on multiple websites, how would you feel about the reliability and value of this website? The majority of users will deem this content unworthy.

Therefore, I think it's a bad idea. Let me know what you end up deciding.

I'd have your customers come to you, instead of you going over to them with cold sales calls and outbound marketing strategies.

Develop a landing page showing exactly what you offer, why a customer should use your service and not your competitor's, and something you're welling to offer them for free! Instead, ask them for their email address or phone number to follow up with them afterwards.

Now that you've build your page, it's time to generate traffic to it, for this, I'd recommend going with an adwords search campaign and social (Facebook to be specific) digital advertising (Click-to-website)

If retention and monetization rates are healthy, and you want to focus on acquisition, I would go with the following:

- Niche or vertical focused landing pages on your website, to build and grow a list of emails/phone numbers for your sales team.

- An Adwords search campaign targeted at your competitors, to try and steal some of their not-so-satisfied customers.

- Social. This is an obvious one, be on the social networks your customers spend the most time on, and engage them with valuable content (Do not try to sell them anything through social, at least, not at this stage).

- Offline marketing if you have the budget to do that, if not, focus on local barter deals and partnerships.

Best of luck :)
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