Horace NelsonTech VP. JavaScript Expert. Full-Stack MEAN/LAMP.

I’m an Agile-powered product development leader and full-stack web architect and engineer with expertise in the full lifecycle production, design, and development of high-traffic and high-availability applications, online advertising, and digital analytics. I excel at software design and development, and managing diverse teams of developers with disparate skill sets to build just about anything. Besides deep full-stack experience, I'm a subject matter expert in all things involving ad tech and data mining.

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You asked 2 different questions:

1. Will it impress hardcore coders? No. Never. We could be impressed by what you achieve without code, but we wouldn't respect you as a developer. You're more of a crafty product developer, which leads me to...

2. Could it be made relevant to product manager jobs? Yes. Absolutely, because product managers don't need to be able to code, they're not hired by coders, and most don't know how to code at all. What you're doing would be considered product prototyping, or concept proving.

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