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Yale SOM Leadership Strategies in Publishing Alum, In-demand Award-Winning Publisher, Founder & CEO @ PublishYourGift.com. I teach authors how to create, package and monetize their content to achieve fast breakthroughs in Bookpreneurship by transforming their books into profitable products & services.

Since publishing my very first book, I've become a trusted adviser to 100's of authors through my writing, speaking and consulting. Over the past 6 years, my company has published over 400+ bestselling books and counting, including 50 anthologies (author collaborations).

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I suggest first creating a media kit to include all of your book covers with a small 100-150 blurb.

Next, identify companies, organizations and/or coaches/consultants who you can pitch your to for bulk sales. It would be to create a database to collect all of the contact information. A great place to find these prospects is on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Lastly, once you have your database, send them a intro letter to include how your book would be a great marketing tool for their audience, and include a discount scale to show how much your willing to offer off for bulk purchases.

I'd love to help you! I helped 100's of authors plan successful book launches through my company www.publishyourgift.com. It's good that you're already thinking about how to build your platform, before the actual release. That's a vital component! Let me know if you have any specific questions, or just go to the link above to schedule your free consultation.

Open an account with Ingram Spark to make your book available for worldwide distribution. They have over 90 printing facilities globally, so the customer will pay for shipping based on the location closest to them. They will be able to order your book directly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites for the paperback version, and the ebook will also be available on these outlets and about 60 others including iTunes and Nook.

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