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Besides 3d printing, the only "cheap" way is to join a tech shop and make them yourself.

Any craftsman will probably charge in the thousands. That being said you should call around to fabrication shops and find out their prices.

To find out how to describe your use case, I would get real users to use your product, then ask them "How would you describe this product to others" or "If you were to recommend this to a friend, when would you recommend a friend used this?"

Do this with 10 pairs of people (one presenting and one watching) and ask them the above questions. I guarantee that you will learn the answer to your question.

For me as a user, your landing page is confusing to me. When reading at the top I was assuming this was to be used when two people are meeting remotely, kind of like a skype + screen share replacement. Then in your graphics you show two people standing next to each other. So I would be talking to my co worker and also controlling her screen.

As this is in Lean section : what is your value hypothesis?

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