John CurtisCEO at Quotient Solutions, Inc.

John Curtis, President and CEO of Quotient Integrated Solutions, Inc., has over a decade of leadership experience in building technology solutions. His vision and expertise have driven the implementation of successful solutions in the energy, healthcare, and communications industries. Drawing on his combination of technical skills and strategic management, Curtis has worked with companies such as Motorola, Exxon Mobil, Newsweek, and numerous Fortune 500 companies, maintaining a passion for influencing technology's impact on culture and social trends.

Current topics: Big Data, mobility, start-up tech, outsourcing, validation of ideas or problems, bouncing ideas off an experienced high IQ person that will shoot you straight.

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As everyone has mentioned , it all starts with your NDA and your employment agreement. Next keeping a highly motivated team that has a healthy culture of ethics. Finally from an architecture perspective you might be well advised to figure out a way to modularize things so not all people get all source. There are ways to do this which can be a benefit to the system you are making, the teams and responsibilities of the staff as well as a physical separation of concerns and access to help mitigate your problem of code availability.

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