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There is no single best way - that said I prefer to keep in mind that businesses owners get inundated with offers.
100's of emails every day and week - so what are you going to do different..?
Instead of cold emailing - just like everyone else - why not set up a webinar and speak to people en mass.

This will leverage your time and your potential reach from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many.

Instead of humping for business - like everyone else - what will you do different to get their attention..?
could you walk in to local brokers?
Perhaps send something through the post
Build a relationship first..?

At this point - why would anyone open their client books to you?

You may well be surprised that money is not the only motivation - Doing business with people I like is a big motivation for me.

action steps - change the way you do business
get people on a webinar
promote your message to a mass audience
let them apply to work with you
Most of all - build relationships

Hope that helps

ps - call me if you need help with setting a webinar strategy like this up

You should first figure out your audience more specifically.
Females 15-40 is very broad. Will all of that audience like the 1 product you have..?

Get specific before you advertise. For example - you are selling iphone cases so you would ideally like the ability to target only people with iphones.

Facebook seems a logical place to start as you can plug in your current profile of iphone users females ages 15-40.
Location - local national or international..?
(Im going to guess local & national)

Also you might want to consider the style of your cases will appeal to certain types of people more than others.

If you have a minions case (hot at the time of writing as the first minion movie is out)
This might currently have a broad appeal because of the movie.
So you can also add in this as an interest when you promote your cases on facebook.

Or if you are selling leather folding iphone cases there might be a different type of person who would be more interested.
It might be more of a male/female mix as well who are slightly older 30+ at a guess (of course I would need to research - this is purely for illustration)

My point hopefully is that before you start advertising you need to figure out who your advertising to and what specifically they will want.

Facebook is a great place to start as you have so many choices to only promote your products to exactly the people who are interested in what you are offering.

Hope this helps
Good Luck

If you need help with this I can offer a strategy session to help with this part of your business plan - this will help you build a solid base for you businesses long term success.
Call me

Quickest way to keep your content is to use the same inbound strategy you have had success with but "pay to play" use a small budget and you can start with $5 on most ad networks Facebook might actually be a good spot as you can target the fans of your industry magazines and your great promotional article will appear as a sponsored article

You can also buy access to press release syndications which gets your message out there for your business launch.

You can also start contacting the local news networks for local TV spots if you really want to pursue this direction as well as one of the many radio and TV slots that require great content and interviews each and every day.

The education lead in sounds like a good starting point for your as it will outline and highlight the awareness of who you are and what you do and how you can help.

This content is really very simple and const effective to "promote" in front of your audience.

Call me if you need a more detailed and structured plan of action to move forward with your project
Good luck

ZERO - there doesn't appear to be any benefit giving away your company.

Let someone BUY in if you really want someone on board.

Ultimately you can hire people extremely good and extremely affordable at what they do.

What you describe as required is an employee

I have overcome a similar issue with a client in the past and it could be one of several issues - but without knowing more and based on the information you provided.

1 - Targeting the wrong people for demos. Find the right people with the problem that your tool helps solve is critical. This is the downfall for many businesses as getting this part wrong makes everything afterwards extremely difficult. It no longer enough to be general with who you help - you need to be VERY specific.

2 - Is a good a step by step education on how your clients are going to be better off with your services than without part of the trial experience...?
Consider also that most people who take a trial that arent really the right fit for you want to click a button and have magic happen for them

2a - following up with a good education driven promotion will be beneficial for your prospects to try again when they need what you have. This is preframing the sale

3 - Are you clear on a demo call and that it is available to your prospect..? I might come back to point 1 targeting the right customer... if you are putting what you have in front of the right people at the right time - you will see a lift in your trial to call sign up... educating on the benefits (point 2) will also help with this.

4 - whats your end objective...? no mention of it.. a sale is what I presume... Is this the actual purpose of your 1on1..? Do you have a sales process or a script template for your calls to convert caller to customer...?
This seems to be where you could convert more of the people you are talking to better.

Quality not quantity

1 - target the right people
2 - educate with results driven expectations
3 - talk & convert with a structured sales call.

Feel free to call if you need a more detailed outline of any of the points mentioned

The short answer to this is to do something for your potential client first.

This way you will position yourself as someone who is not just a taker.

You need to build a relationship with your partners, sending gifts always works followed by a call

There are some very specific strategies you can use which do go beyond a few quick typed answers here.

Good luck - call me when you need me :-)

First thing I might comment on here is are you absolutely certain this is a new product? From what you describe its a new angle on an old idea.

With that more in mind if you think people are unaware of your view point then education based marketing seem the most relevant starting point.

You see this style of "advertorial" or article style promotions in health products all the time so there should be plenty of good examples in most womens magazines laying around.

What do you need to do..?
1 - education based marketing
2 - give your book away - free pdf version - $1 kindle options - $4.95 hard copy option

all your efforts should lead back to your central location to educate your audience further on your approach.

Start with the top 10 things you deal with & you have 10 good articles to educate with. In each article you have a - For further help with this go here [link to book]"

What are you doing after this...? Consulting...?

This can be as simple as putting a message on your own blog.

Promoting it to your audience and potential clients is what I suspect you need some support with from reading between the lines of your question.

Firstly I would start with the top 10 questions your existing clients ask you.
This will form the basis of your own content inbound marketing - it will also start to set you as the authority.

Video case studies will work extremely well before & after style

Armed with this new information you can promote this to you network - email - facebook - twitter - linkedin - etc.

You might also want to use paid solutions which you can start for a few dollars a day to generate exposure for what you do.

What markets...? A better question might be who do you want to work with..? What types of businesses interest you?

When you have that info you can literally drop your awesome content in front of them with the type of advertising and targeting that is available to everyone.

Good luck

Awesome - looks like you have the ball rolling very nicely & most definitely on the right track

For your own online shop I light suggest shopify as a good solution that takes care of the technology part while you can focus on what you do best.

I would also broaden your potential client base as there will be a lot of people who like things a little different but who don't necessarily love horses

This is a great tool to help drill down a little further to help your ad targeting and really define your perfect customer.
Use the "interests" on left hand side with one interest. and then look at the "likes" tab across the top.
This will give you a list of related pages that you can use to help target.

Final point - aim higher..

You have a really interesting product
One of the awesome things about Facebook ads is you can pop your advert right in front of people who like these things who are known "buyers" of cool things.

You could aim to hit your sales targets in 30 days with the right promotional strategy....

Good luck

Having a good definition of who you serve is the perfect place to start.

Could you define it further..? Do you specialise..?
Really drill down.

How to find those people?
One of the quickest low/no cost ways to find your target audience would be to use LinkedIn.

You have access to a database of C level decision makers & most of the time direct access to them.

Join industry related groups - posting samples of what you do to generate inbound enquiries.
Post calls to action in each example to enquire about your services

Once your a member of relevant groups you can also use the search functions to find those perfect customers and proactively connect with them.

Doing this the right way is a whole course in and of itself. Just know that through linkedIn you can connect and connect any and all of your perfect customers worldwide.

Good luck

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