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I setup Salesforce for larger companies as a major part of my profession. I also consult with a lot of startups and small businesses and tend to steer them away from Salesforce for the time being. A SUPER BASIC Salesforce setup with a consultant will cost you at least $5,000. What you want to do is more in the tens of thousands (or more) unless you are lucky and a tool actually does what you want.

A lot of companies try to solve their business problems with a tool, but sometimes you need to start with just streamlining how you run your business and standardizing how you run your business. The more complex or unique you build your business the more money it will cost later to customize Salesforce to your needs.

What you might actually want to look into is a WordPress Membership management tool like iThemes Exchange or WooCommerce. You can have clients signup up for different recurring membership levels and have an account and then assign them a key. Possibly you could store this key in their product info so they could login to retrieve it. These solutions have integrated payment processing and will integrate with Quickbooks Online, etc. you might have to do some work though to ensure you can confidently store activation keys in WordPress securely.

If you are interested in going down either path and want to talk, let me know. I have a site called GrowthHeroes.com that helps people DIY websites, CRM, marketing automation, etc. It's still in the early stages but has some free public content.

Angel groups don't necessarily get that involved. You would want to look for angels that have that background and are looking for active engagement with it's clients.

I actually work in this space on behalf of some investors if you would like to talk.

Go to your Tech Transfer office and talk to them about what other technologies in a similar space have been spun out, who is involved in each company from the university and outside. Find out those faculty, entrepreneurs and investors and talk to them. They will know who is most interested in working with tech from your university and who already understands the issues involved with licensing university inventions to a startup vs. trying to license that tech to a big company.

I used to be the director and startup advisor at of one of the Purdue Research Parks, which is the largest university incubator in the U.S.

Feel free to call if you have more questions

You need to fully understand marketing to hospitals, the FDA, and how clinical trial management works. I would highly recommend finding a local friend/advisor/investor/etc. who is a doctor involved in clinical trials or better yet a clinical trial manager. There are a lot of hoops to get a clinical trial underway and you want to make this as easy as possible and put on paper and give to prospects up front how you have already cleared all the paths and made this a low risk trial.

Of particular concern will be your strategies around HIPAA compliance and how your store patient identified and de-identified data. How does what you are doing compare to software systems that are already FDA approved? Do you interface with all the main electronic heard record and other systems?

I have some friends in the clinical informatics space. These are the types of people you need on your advisory board.

Feel free to call or contact me.

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