Jesus HernandezUnique sales, marketing and leadership insight.

Providing consulting, training and various professional services to businesses and the community alike. My goal is to train and develop my clients and their business to become successful and to function at optimum capacity. Utilizing numerous resources, years of professional experience and an entrepreneur mindset my problem solving capabilities are a valuable asset. My services span throughout a number of industries varying anywhere from Travel, Technology, Finance, Real Estate, Automotive, Fitness, Hospitality and anything in between. I am the "Go to guy." for C-Level Executives and key decision makers I practice proven principles and advise based on efficient plans of action providing positive results.

Services I provide include but are not limited to:
- Business Management/Consulting and Development
- Strategic Negotiations
- Hedge Funds
- Luxury Lifestyle Services
- Digital Media
- Multi-channel Advertising
- Marketing/Branding Assistance
- Business Optimization
- Corporate Training
- Sales Team Development

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This is a perfect example of the same problem a client I have is facing but not at such a large scale. The implementation of a CRM or ERP system would be a shoe in for this.


I have been a freelance consultant for years and the fact that you stated that you have no money and no connections throws up huge red flags. First I recommend that you get some experience under your belt and the way to do that is by putting your ideas in focus, work, learn constantly, network and execute. Just because you have no money and no connections does not mean you need to stay that way meet people get out there and hustle. If you want more insight feel free to reach out.

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