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I also have expertise in wordpress development, email marketing, and online marketing. Let me know how I can help you get a handle on your digital marketing.

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The first thing I would tell you is the main things which hurt your domain deliverability are too many unsubscribes or spam reports. If you're not getting those, then I wouldn't worry too much about your domain deliverability.

I would suggest coming up with something "free" to offer like an small eBook or guide. You can also run a contest and give something away for free to a subscriber. By offering something for free that has a high value, you can entice those people who may not respond otherwise.

From there I would continue to send your regular emails for 90 days to determine who opens/engages. After 90 days, I would send an email asking those who didn't open any of those emails if they want to stay on your list. Some email programs make this easy to track by allowing you to tag subscribers who click on a link. I use ConvertKit and they do this. Otherwise, you will have to ask them to reply back or maybe click on a special link. Wait at least 3 days before you delete those emails which haven't opened.

You will end up with a smaller list, but it should be a much more engaged list which will give you a much better ROI in the long run.

It depends on what you mean by sharing to Facebook through their API. There are several options to do that.

The first way is if you are using a Wordpress plugin shares through the API, either through a share button on the site or automatically sharing new pages or posts that are published. Some of the plugins I've seen will automatically pull in the title of the page or post from Wordpress as the text. However, Facebook made some changes a while back that made it mandatory to allow a user to input their own text. So the text is editable.

The second way is if you're building an integration yourself. If you know what to do with the code, then it's pretty easy to automatically pull in the page/post name. However, as mentioned above you have to make it so that the person who's sharing has the ability to edit the text. Otherwise your integration is not likely to get approved when you submit it.

Ayomiku makes some good points. However, don't underestimate the power of building your own website to attract new customers. It's the one place you can be sure that you can arrange the information the way you want it.

Maybe you're not ready for a website, though. In that case, focus on places you can make connections such as LinkedIn (this is a very good place for business to business connections) and even here on Clarity. Clarity is free to join, and pretty easy to set up.

Once you get some clients, ask them to review you on sites that you have joined, or post it to your website if you have one. Showing that people have done business with you and are satisfied can make a huge difference in the number of new people who want to do business with you.

Whatever you do, focus on how you can help someone. They'll be more likely to do business with you than if you try pushy sales tactics.


It looks like Mark has helped answer some of your questions. I can answer your question about competitions as I've designed and managed many for my own clients.

Contests do very well using social media to both promote and host them. If you just have a website, you can host a contest, there, but you still need a way to get the word out, which involves social media, email blasts, or some other type of marketing.

A few tips to make your contests better:
• Give away a prize that is associated with the product you want to ultimately drive people towards. For instance you could give away a free ebook on getting started as an entrepreneur, then send those people an email inviting them to your online course (maybe with a discount). The idea behind this is that you are associating your business with what you do in the eyes of your potential customers. This is much more effective than giving away an ipad, or another generic product. It also gives potential customers a "taste" of what you have to offer.
• Even if you're going to promote and host your contest on social media, you need to capture email addresses for people who sign up. At the very least, Facebook requires you to do this.
• Keep the time of your contest between 2-4 weeks. Some people advocate less time, but I find that only works if you have a really large engaged audience on social media.
• Promote the heck out of your contest. Ideally, you want to promote the contest a lot at the beginning and the end. That's where you're more likely to receive more signups.

I hope this helps. :)

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