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GadgetDealz Wholesale Inc.(GDW Inc.) Expert in Brand Creation, E-Commerce, Importing, and Distribution. GDW Inc. Has grown from a small retailer of liquidated and wholesale products to a conglomerate of internet marketing companies specializing in healthcare, weight-loss, fitness, food, and medical products to name a few. GDW Inc. helps new entries into the importing and online sales arena with expertise and services design to allow small business owners to forgo decades of experience and knowledge. Unlike many so called experts who tote what they think are big numbers or may not have any numbers to show you at all, I currently am doing 3 million dollars a year online with 3 employees. Self funded and from zero to 3 million in 3 years. We are on track to hit 5 million by mid 2016. I have real world today experience and have not been in any magazines, or on talk shows, as I have been building multiple businesses and running them instead of promoting myself as a wanna be expert. I do not have time to BS and will be direct, to the point, painfully honest, and do not believe in PC, but honesty. Now my companies are almost running themselves and I have decided that instead of giving a bunch of hand outs I would rather give something more precious my time to help people with a hand up. If your brand new to online sales I can help get you to financial independence faster than anyone else I have met in the industry. I guarantee it.....

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I do not know of any alternatives as your supplier needs this to be allowed to Export from the Chinese government. Also you may need to check hazmat requirements in the US as well to see if it is allowed in the country without a specific license. Why don't you ask your supplier what it would take for them to get the permit?

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