Matt MonihanConstruction Technologist & Software Developer

At Voyager, I build construction technology tools, workflow automation, and data science(analytics) for the field.

From time sheets, payroll, inspections, RFIs, submittals; any form can be created with my product,

I previously designed and lead teams that built both the RJMetrics platform (Acquired by Magento) and the Stitch Data platform. I'm an expert in data visualization, data science, data engineering, erp, crm, and ETL pipelining.

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You'll definitely want to checkout Not only do they provide a ton of integrations to send data to various apps, they also give you the ability to send that data into a data warehouse that you control, like Postgresql or Redshift.

This gives you the ability to join and visualize that data later with tools like Mode Analytics, Looker, or

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