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Phillip is the creator of, a top credit card processing resource for over a decade. He is also the author of "Fee Sweep - How to Accept Card Payments Without Getting Scammed,"

Phillip's topics of expertise include:
- Credit card processor selection.
- Processing cost optimization.
- Payment integrations.
- General card acceptance advice.

Topics that Phillip cannot consult:
- Working in credit card processing.
- Starting or creating a payment services company or technology.
- Accepting card payments outside of the United States.
- Non-U.S.A.-based businesses of any kind including those conducting business within the U.S.A. but based off-shore.

Recent Answers

If you have chosen a credit card processing provider, they should be able to walk you through the PCI-DSS process.

You are correct in your assumption that Shopify is a more turnkey solution. Although Wordpress has become a very versatile content management system, it is not a great solution for a novice.

Here's a review that I wrote about Shopify, if you are curious:


I believe that you may be over-complicating this a little. Typically, you need to have either citizenship or some other legal presence within a country to open a checking account within it. I would recommend establishing accounts in your own country first and then using ATMs in other countries to withdraw money, as "wiring" money internationally can be expensive. If you just need to pay for expenses while abroad, look instead into using credit cards that have no foreign transactions fees such as the Capital One Venture Card. If you really need accounts in multiple countries, you will likely need to incorporate within them.

As for accepting payments in different currencies. Your best bet will probably be 2Checkout or Stripe Atlas to start. Stripe Atlas will probably have lower fees but will take more technical expertise to get up and running. Best of luck to you!

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If I understand your question correctly, you could test with Stripe or PayPal without any extensive development, cost, or commitment. Otherwise, you could just use a secured form to test conversion.


With your business type, I would imagine that you are keying-in most of your payments or that your costumers are keying-in the information themselves. There are several options out there that are better than Quickbooks and, and have comparable fees.

For example, the I would recommend one of the following methods or a combination of the: 1. A virtual terminal where you will collect and enter the payment information yourself, an invoicing service that will send the invoice and direct the customer to a payment page, or a "buy now" type button that you can put on your website and direct customers to enter in their payment information.

I would need more detail about your business before I could start giving specific recommendations. Feel free to schedule a call with me if you wish to find a solid solution.

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