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Can you please explain what you mean by "Everything is done....?

The best advice I can give you at this stage is to develop a targeted community around your project. With a community you can validate your startup idea/product and then see if the market wants what you have developed.

I see far too many startups focused on their offering to the market, before making sure the market wants what they are developing. Validating your idea as soon as possible can save you huge sums of money in the long run and the sooner you validate the better.

So, to sum up: Any form of crowdfunding is actually a validation tool. But, before you go that route, make sure you have done pre-crowdfunding validation. This is the most cost effective route to go. However, many skip this step with much regret.

Best of luck!

It really depends on your overall business objectives.

Some helpful thinking:
Why do you need funds or is funding secondary and you have other objectives here? Why Kickstarter? Are you wanting to sell an 'investment' in your business in exchange for equity? A product for pre-order? A room at a discount?

Answering those types of questions is a great starting point.


There are a whole plethora of platforms/portals springing up and now offering equity raises here in the US. Your best route to raise such little funding would probably be a Title II raise.

Reach out to me if I can be of any further assistance.

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