Anne BertelsenMarketing and digital strategist.

Founder of MAi Strategies. Bringing art and science to marketing success. Advisor to Fortune 100 companies, startups and non-profits. Advocate of using customer insights to drive strategic decisions.

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I agree with others that execution, in the end, always trumps just having an idea. That said, I've done a number of alphas and betas and other customer validation tests while trying to keep a product under wraps -- including on behalf of Fortune 100 clients who are extremely concerned about intellectual property challenges. I can certainly help you develop a strategic approach to validating your product with customers while managing the public exposure.

You absolutely can but your success will depend on your experiences, skills and contacts. I didn't take the most direct route to establishing my strategic marketing consultancy (which is heavy on digital and mobile) but I did have agency and client side experiences -- and a track record of successes to point to. That past track record -- and the contacts I developed during those years -- helped me succeed quite rapidly. I had five clients when I launched my business --- but they all knew my track record. I also undertook a high level competitive landscape prior to launching so I knew where my unique sweet spot offering was -- and how to articulate it. Happy to help you think this through, if you'd like.

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