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I was homeless as a kid, and hustled for lunch money daily. I didn't have a cent to my name before venturing out on my own. I spent 4 years in the Army to pay for college before finding the world of entrepreneurship.

I started my first company Launchpeer when I was 26. I almost ran it into the ground with $30K in debt, had my electricity shut off 3 times, and missed mortgage payments. Then I implemented the sales & marketing automation practices I teach today to turn the business around to $100K MRR in 6 months.

Now I help founders level up by carefully crafting and implementing these systems for them. I've consulted with Fortune 500 companies & hundreds of startups around the world, been interviewed on Mixergy, and been featured around the web.

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A tool we love to use is Adespresso (Adespresso.com). There you can easily create Facebook ads in a much more intuitive way than you would in Facebook's own power editor. Adespresso also automatically creates A/B tests for you, letting you ad a ton of images, headlines and text and creating multiple versions of your ads for you.

I know this isn't an individual like you're looking for, but the tool is great even for someone with no knowledge of how to do Facebook campaigns so you can definitely do it on your own (and there's a free trial).

If you'd rather have someone help you, our team at I'm With Otto (imwithotto.com) can help, or you can schedule a call with me here on Clarity. Hope that helps!

This may not be what you want to hear but you MUST go try to sell it prior to launching it. I've launched a couple serviced based businesses before and the difference between success and failure is having around 4-5 PAID customers prior to the official launch day.

Do get 4-5 I would reach out directly to LinkedIn contacts you think would be good fits and pitch them the idea. Try to avoid friends and family as much as possible.

Also, remember that anything but a hard yes is a hard no. What does that mean? It means if someone says 'how much is it so I can sign up' or 'can I sign up now' that's a yes. If someone says 'yeah, sounds like a good idea' or 'wow, some people would really love that', those are no's. Do your best to get 4-5 yes's prior to launching. That way you know your idea is validated and maybe you can get some good testimonials for marketing purposes.

Good luck!

Well, it may not be the nicest thing but I believe it's far from unethical. I own an application development agency, Launchpeer.com, and I understand it's the nature of the business. If we one day decided we didn't want to do 'free' work anymore we could charge for the type of service. In short, we agree to do free work so we as the agency have to understand this could happen.

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