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I partner with a variety of clients to help them sell more & be better leaders. Currently the general manager of the largest commercial security integrator in Florida.

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What does your product do for the insurance company? What problem does it solve or what opportunity does it create?

What questions could you ask to determine if that particular insurance company had that problem or could gain that particular opportunity from your product.

Example - let's say you are selling expense tracking software and you are targeting an insurance company. Let's say that your current clients state that they save on average 30% of time in the accounting department on processing expense reports due to moving from a manual expense reporting system to your software. In this instance you would want to find insurance companies with a lot of people submitting expense reports manually - because your product has the greatest value for that target customer. You would then ask very early in the process how many expense reports they are processing in a given time and how they are submitting the reports today.

Who would it help; who would use your product/service; & who would pay for it at the insurance company? Those are the people you would talk to in order to sell your product. Then you would connect how it would help them in their current job or personally (like make them look good to their boss or give them more time with their kids).

Good luck!

Many entrepreneurs start a business because of a passion around an idea, product, or service. They usually have great ideas and can connect that with a customer need or problem. I also see that many entrepreneurs are really good at that passion; but may lack some skills or understand of the "running the business" side of the equation.

An example would be if you want to open your own manufacturing business - have you ever worked in a manufacturing business? I highly recommend working in a business that is similar for at least a year so you learn what works well or what doesn't work well on another person's dime. This is especially true when working with high start-up costs or a very limited initial cash flow which cannot tolerate costly mistakes.

Go work for someone or a business you can learn from is my answer :)

Maybe your 19 year old can figure out how to code? Maybe there is someone at their college that they can entice to join them for a portion of future profits/sales.

Let the kid learn how to start a business - it's good for them!

Many college students want some experience to show potential employers after college and they are skilled enough to provide what you need - check that angle.

Focus on why they are asking. Ask them specifically what their concerns are - financial stability, response time, availability of your key people for their business, etc. Once you understand the why you can talk to how your company can address it - they really don't care how many people are there - there is another reason they are asking.

Have your client create it! Have an outline of the types of costs/time it saves your client and have your client tell you the numbers while you are meeting with him/her. It is believable because your client created it - very powerful tool! Contact me if you want to learn the method

I really like DiSC - because understanding how someone thinks really helps me understand how they will fit into the team. I like to have a sales team that is diverse in skills and personalities so that we can match people with customers - this really allows me to better understand how they will react to the existing team and whether they have some traits that others do not.

Making sure that you focus the conversation on the total earnings expected and paying out more on the commission side might entice someone to give it a shot. Then you will need to realistically look at how much they can make and be able to show them how they can get there.

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