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Dont get in trap of getting busy versus generating appointments and turning these appointments to paying clients. Here is the whole path:

Digital marketing: you need to automate part of your process for consistency and saving time. Think of it this way, what can you do today to save yourself more time tomorrow? the more time you create for yourself, the more you can re-invest on something else in your business.

Automation Process: Facebook Ad --> Landing page (optin) -> Value video (15mn) --> book a strategy session

Phone call: after the automation process, the phone call comes with a define script to walk your prospect in their emotional journey to make the decision to work with you.

I use this method to help lawyers sell high ticket prices instead of selling their time per hour. The same method has been used for chiropractors, accountants, dentists... and it is working great. Just search the web.

Hope this clarify your question

Forget business plan templates for a minute.

Any plan for your business has to have the following points that cover all aspects of your business:
1- desired outcome
2- steps to reach your outcome
3- cost of each step (in dollar and time)
4- return on investment (ROI on your cost above)
5- risks for all above
6- people involved

In your business case, you have to implement those strategies so you can take your business to the next level and increase your profit by 20% in less a year:
1- think of recurring revenue (like
2- No accounts receivable (just eliminate them from your business)
3- automate your system so you can make money while you are sleeping

If you think that 90% of your operations are Sales, you are on the right track, otherwise you have to rethink of your strategy.

Back to business plans: any template will not make a difference. Implement the strategies above and you'll see your business strongly growing.

Happy to help you on growing your business. Just give me a buzz.

Projections are not only based on data but also on operations, products, people and process. There are couple tactics you can use without mapping a large data.

Other things you should look at are the people who execute behind your products because mostly they are the one causing sales problem, not the product or its data projection.
By implementing couple tactics you can figure out easily the product that sells most, your A players people, and implement a marketing strategy that sells.

Give me a buzz. We can set up together the process for you.

There are many free or low costs things you can do:
Marketing on Facebook or Linkedin (depends on what you offer)
Killing testimonials
Pick up the freaking and make phone calls (you have to learn sales. Any business is 90% sales).
Sales is scary but there are lots of easy ways to do it, that gives you confidence.

Give me a buzz to set up a killing strategy that pays.

It's a very good idea.
The worst things about a business aspect is to add makeup to fake the truth. The negative list you mentioned are the real pain every startup will face as well as well established businesses at some points. The difference between startups and well established businesses in this regard is that the second can hire coaches to solve such problems. I assume that your platform can create an intermediary way to offer businesses at any level the solution they need for the problems they face.

Identifying the real pain is the first step toward success. Therefore, you are not teaching entrepreneurs how to be stressed but you're giving them solutions to reduce stress.

I think the idea would be very helpful if you offer phone coaching or skype beside articles and videos.... Entrepreneurs are very busy people, and it's hard for them to spend time in reading documents only. Sometimes they need immediate help (reading will not be an option for them).
Entrepreneurs like to measure progress, for that you need to offer them outcome measurements for the progress of their efforts on your platform.
Later on it's better that your platform connects mentors in those fields and potential entrepreneurs who are in need of such services.
We live in a very fast paste entrepreneurship environment. Entrepreneurs are more willing to participate in platforms that give them higher results in a short time period. For instance if you offer video coaching make them short and toward the point. A great video coaching you can find on youtube is for "Evan Carmichael". They are short, follow three points solution pattern and toward the point (the longest one is 5-7mn length). If you need longer time divide your videos into steps solution.

Remember that entrepreneurship becomes a lifestyle in business and careers. Today, Companies tend to hire employees with entrepreneurs skills and not old fashion employees. You services are ideal for business owner as well as for their employees.

Happy to talk to you in more details by phone.

Thank you Tom!
I'm not following this strategy at all. My question is to know how each step works for self education only. Just curiosity to learn.
It's better to talk over the phone.

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