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I'm Crystie Lim, a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of BeyondSelf Coaching, specialising in Growth & Development Coaching for Personal & Professional. I have been in this field since 2009. As a coach, I support and empower my client in resolving their personal & professional agenda, in reaching their desired outcomes in their lives, enabling them to reach their goals and live the happy life they deserve. As a coach, I share my knowledge in self-improvement, focusing on Social-Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness skills to my delegates and supporting them to gain maximum knowledge and better understanding within themselves, in order for them to improve their lives personally and professionally.

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Do you find your employee an efficient worker? Is he performing well in your business? What could be the lost in your business if he leaves? You mention that you are barely keeping up with the demands, so is it possible to hire more employees, if he leaves? These are some of the things you can think about to trigger your decision. It is important to keep the employee happy if they are giving you great performances, but it is also important to measure the benefits you can offer to the benefits of your business.

I can understand your feelings when your employee address the early salary raise issue to you. If this employee is doing a great job, I believe you know that he deserves to get a raise, and it could also be a motivation for the other employees to work harder. On the other hand, if an employee is not performing efficiently, you should consider putting your focus on another that do.

If you need more support regarding the issue, I will be happy to help you sort things out. Best of luck!

Focus is important in pursuing anything in life. It is possible to pursue more than 1 attempt, depending on how much energy and effort you would require to accomplish them. It is also very important to have support in what you pursue. If you happen to have a team to support you, to accomplish different responsibilities and work to reach the goals, it is highly possible to pursue more than 1 idea simultaneously.

Neverdelous, focusing on one thing at a time is never a waste of time. It gives you more awareness to all your attempts, hence you are more likely to see your direction more clearly.

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