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In your case, it may take more time to get your site at the top of Google for your brand name. The reason is because your brand name is a combination of two regular words, "lead" and "machine" that have already been targeted by other companies in your industry as keywords.

If you choose to try establish search engine rankings for your company name, it is a good idea to pick something that is unique. This way, you won't be fighting other more authoritative results before you even get started on your SEO campaign.

Since this is something that you are probably unwilling to change, the next steps would be to get started on some content promotion tactics that would help improve your rankings.

Here are a few suggestions (should be done only with the idea of providing value in mind):

- guest posting
- directory listings
- social media marketing

There are many other tactics and platforms that you can use that should help to create some lasting links to your business. I would be happy to discuss more with you via a call.

The key to getting high traffic will be converting users from other information-based sites in your niche to your site.

This can be done by increasing the "share-ability" of your content and creating a user experience that is far superior to those of your competitors.

What does "share-ability" mean?

- content layout that incorporates multiple ways to share the content over social media
- content that includes quotes, videos and other linkable items
- APIs that allow for contacts/data to be shared

User Experience

- responsive design
- mobile optimization
- conversion optimization

These tools are required in order to optimize your site for inbound marketing (which will cost significantly less over the longterm than using only paid advertising to convert users to your site).

I would be happy to discuss the tough competition that you are trying to beat out on a call.

Posting on blogs, forums and articles is beneficial to your SEO strategy only when done with the idea of providing value in mind.

If you are just posting just to get more backlinks for your site, then that is where you are going wrong and why you feel that is it not right move. However, if you are posting to add another point of view to the conversation or to provide helpful information, then commenting is a great strategy to use.

The right way to use comments to use them only on topics that you have an in-depth knowledge of. Otherwise the comments may come across as "me-too" or irrelevant to the conversation.

There are additional benefits in terms of content marketing for using such comments. I would be happy to discuss this with you during a call.

Yoast SEO is highly recommended. However, it is important that you tread lightly with regards to keyword optimization on posts.

Google does not like over-optimization of content.

In addition, keyword variations are highly recommended as you write and many built-in SEO plugins are unable to account for the benefits of keyword variation currently.

If you need help selecting more plugins for your WordPress site, give me a call.

You have the right idea in opting to navigate towards a platform that is event-based rather than sequence-based.

Email marketing has become an effective channel for reaching new customers because of the fact that the right messages are being delivered at the right times.

The key though is to make sure the integration triggers emails on the right events. The right events are not necessarily obvious ones such as purchases.

I can help you to define your content strategy for email marketing further with a call.

The main difference between a growth hacker and a growth marketer is the fact that growth marketing has nothing to do with growth hacking!

For industry professionals that really understand what these terms mean, the term growth marketer means a marketing expert that specializes in growth. A growth marketer will utilize tactics that are designed to promote brand engagement over the long-term.

Growth hacking is not actually about marketing at all. Growth hackers utilize engineering techniques to "hack" their way to a solution that provides a nearly instantaneous return.

With regard to who you might want for your team, you will want to make sure that your marketing team includes people that thoroughly understand branding and business growth principles.

As far as getting immediate traction for your products or services, you might want a UX engineer that has experience with growth hacking to help spread the word about your company in an exponential manner.

I would be happy to continue the conversation to help you develop your team.

Are you tracking any other metrics besides response rate in order to determine if they are engaging with the emails that you have sent? As others have recommended, the best idea would be to remove the email part from your strategy, at least until you get a better idea of why your emails aren't working.

Also depending on how long ago they subscribed to your list, you may just be better offer culling them from the list. After a certain time, it can incur more costs than it is worth to try to reactivate inactive email subscribers.

I'd be happy to discuss some options with you after I get a better idea of your sales funnel goals.

I think it is an excellent strategy to try to get more influencers/bloggers to promote what you are doing. By getting the attention of these individuals you can leverage their audiences via guest blogging, webinars and other promotional activities.

As a specialist in content strategy, I can give you some in-depth ideas that can drive better results. NOTE: you must already have the connections that you need (or be willing to make some new ones) in order to make this strategy work.

If you want evidence on how well this works, just look to all of the IM guys who create big launches and sell millions of dollars of products within the first few days of a launch. Having other bloggers/influencers on their side is a major reason why.

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