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Our expertise is planning, mapping, documenting, then executing full marketing campaigns. We manage web projects from start to finish. We build all the web assets associated with these campaigns, as well as automate Infusionsoft actions, tags, sequences, etc. We also provide proper tracking and reporting inside and outside of Infusionsoft.

Most of our clients are marketing companies that generate $3M-$10M per year. Our clients like that we're easy to get a hold of and are in consistent communication with them.

We are also experts with Infusionsoft, WordPress, iMember360, CustomerHub, iTracker360, OptimizePress, GoogleAnalytics, Google Docs, VisualWebsiteOptimizer, and more. We setup and report on split testing for our clients regularly. We also have close relationships with PPC, CPV, SEO, and other advertising firms to manage your traffic and report on ROI.

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