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In 2014 I founded Visionary Marketing a European marketing agency dedicated to Digital transformation & training, Digital content and Marketing automation. We provide services to companies in the fields of Digital marketing. The Visionary Marketing sites and blog were created in 1996. I not only have a strong interest in start-ups but I also work with start-ups on their community & social media / influence strategies.

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Hi, what about recording a short 2"30 video with your pitch. It would be an ideal exercise for brevity and also for crowdfunding. An associated brief Powerpoint presentation would be great too.
My advice would be
1. keep it simple and straightforward, no jargon
2. 1 idea per slide, talk in short "tweetable" sentences
3. Outline suggestion would be

a) describe in simple terms the business problem you solve for your potential customers "we found out that businesses had problems doing such and such"
b) how your solution (B2B SaaS portal) is proposing to solve this issue for businesses
c) what benefit for potential business clients
d) what benefit for your investors (if businesses buy into that and you fund my business, this is what you get in return)
e) how you propose (strategy) to reach that market by using assumptions (1 low assulmption, 1 medium, 1 optimistic) showing for all 3 that there is a benefit in terms of ROI for investors.
I suppose that if you wanted to go further, a short Clarity consulting call would be recommended. After all this is what it was made for.


There is no average cost per customer/lead (not the same thing) acquisition. It all depends on
- vertical
- seniority of targeting personnel (costs more to recruit a CIO than the average punter for instance)
- country (US very costly, UK average, France lower etc.)
- value of service: in this you are right.
- affiliate marketing company including their ability to deliver

Rule of thumb is 20% but check with an affiliate marketing company first

Beware of recruting "customers", leads are easier to come by.

Last but not least, there are many methods for you to recruit leads including inbound marketing and that is cheap by comparison (I do nothing else as far as I am concerned). Think about it.

Facebook allows you to display pages by location. You could use this. To manage events, use the events Facebook widget. As to managing several accounts, there aren't any rules per se but there is one clear thing you have to remember: if you have too few and unreliable resources, the more accounts you manage, the more risks you run. Try and keep one account per country and manage it properly. What I have seen happening over the years is companies - like airlines - creating umpteen accounts, then failing and consolidating their accounts. Once they learn how to use them properly then they start ramping up, as their social media budget picks up. Don't think that social media is free. It is people intensive.

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