David HooperMarketing Expert, Author, and Radio Host

When it comes to getting your message out to the world via podcasting and broadcast radio, I get results. Period.

If you want to build a loyal audience that feels personally connected to you (and would miss you if you weren't there), I can help you. I'm the guy your guy sneaks through the back door when he needs marketing that works.

If you're ready to move beyond "pretty" trends that do nothing more than stroke your ego, into the world of balls-out authority and influence that gets your story out to the world in an authentic way, makes things move, and makes you money, you want me.

I won't tell. This will be our secret – the only place my name ever appears is on the check I get.

Specialties: Building your authority, influence, and connection with customers/fans via podcasting, broadcast radio, and online media.

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My suggestion is to get focused. What's one thing you're ok with sticking with for a while? That will help you make the most of any audience you build. Otherwise, you'll be starting from scratch with each new book (or whatever else you create).

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