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Why take a call with me? I have a broad range of experience in many fields. I listen carefully and if there's something I don't know I'm not afraid to tell you.

I'm one of the last kids in a big competitive family and I had to work hard to fend for myself. My entrepreneurial ventures started early as bought stock in my siblings stuff thereby giving me access to all kinds of awesome gear.

I've raised money, sold companies, taken product from idea to big box store and have patents pending. I've had some epic wins and epic fails and I love to take deep dives and associate with those that swim at the deep end.

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I have been in a similar situation in which one of my vendors partnered with me to fund my venture. It opened up a lot of doors for me to get started quickly.

If your investor will also be your customer this could be a nice arrangement. You will get a lot of trusted feedback on the product and you will have the funds you need. I would make sure to do your homework to make sure the arrangement is equitable and that you have a clear understanding of your roles and relationships.

Feel free to setup a call if you want to chat more.

It would seem this is a "good problem" to be having and that an intelligent investor would see value in working with you. I ask myself if you are properly presenting your data or if you are looking in the wrong places for funding.

It is a little hard to give very specific advice without more detail. Feel free to contact me if you want ask some specific questions.

I've worked with several product designers and craftsmen working in the jewelry space. Can you offer more details about your specific application (materials, form factor, scale, etc.) Feel free to message me or jump on a call anytime.

I've had to do a lot of contact list manipulation and I feel your pain.

I would go after this in two steps.
1. Upload these 200 contacts to your email client.
2. Use Linkedin add contacts tool as see in the link below.

1.You might need to add a special notation in your spreadsheet to make these contacts appear before all your other contacts
2. You may want to look at one of your under utilized email accounts and add the contacts there.


Feel free to setup a call if you have any additional questions.

I recommend checking out
You could also connect with any number of startup groups including; 1 Million Cups or

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