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The real answer is... hire no one and go Lean Startup! You need to de-risk the opportunity by formulating your key assumptions and validating them with the least amount of time and effort and expense.

An example... I helped a woman with an app that was going to provide a luggage free experience for travelers by sending them an entire wardrobe for their trip that would be waiting at the hotel.

She didn't need to make an app or hire anyone at first, she needed to validate that people actually wanted the service and validate she could deliver on the promise that 1) the clothes would fit 2) people would like her choices for them 3) She could execute the logistics 4) People would pay for it.

In the end, she used basic free tools and surveys to test each assumption in the assumption tree and went from idea to revenue in 8 weeks with NO development and NO hires.

She has made the risk minimal because now she is automating the experience with a designer and developer.

I have helped 50 founder do this same thing... works like a charm!

You should check out They have a wicked projection tool that ties in all financials into your business plan.

I just read an article that is the BEST ADVICE on this topic I think you will like. "A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Don Valentine about Venture Capital and Business"

This happened to me a few years back. I had a few options.
1. Easy - Get a post office box at a local UPS Store or the like. That way you are separated from your business.

2. Harder - Sign up for a co-working space. You get a desk and wifi and usually conference rooms. It is a great way to work and share in the space but have a separate way to work. They are usually fairly inexpensive and allow you to get out of the house and work with others.

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