Paul AllenRaised $150M+, 1000's customers, product/strategy

Recently led startups that raised $150M from top VC's, thousands of customers nationwide, scaled product, marketing, sales, support, R&D, previously ran two startup accelerators -- one led by Dan Gilbert, Chairman of Quicken Loans and owner of NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Founded Tribe of Angels. Have advised hundreds of startups. Techstars Boulder graduate and mentor.

Coached hundreds of startups that raised in excess of $500MM.

Previously Advisor to 60mo (acquired); Founder of Tribe of Angels (international network of over 8000 angels, researchers, journalists, execs, and venture backed founders in 25 countries); VP of Qbiquity (acquired); Director at BetaSphere (acquired); Cofounder of Monarch Teaching Technologies; Have led product evaluations for Intel, Motorola and Adobe; Managing Director of Connecticut Software Association; Started two Midwest accelerators;

Deep high growth startup experience spanning finance, fundraising, legal, operations, technology, design and sales. Participated in 45+ investments. I’m an expert at evaluating market opportunities, designing products that fit markets, and then promoting and closing deals to generate revenue.

Over 20 years experience in bringing new B2B and B2C software, hardware and services solutions to market. Broad market experience covering healthcare, sports, fintech, gaming, retail, consumer, mortgage, real estate, education, telecommunications, and more. Leadership approach focuses on constant learning, transparency, empowerment, and communication.

I consult with numerous venture-backed startups and established businesses.

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Even though it seems may seem obvious that your product should be desirable to one of those companies, it usually needs to fit very well into one of their long-term strategic roadmaps. Learning whether that's the case and at which company take a lot of digging and you need inside info that can only come from talking to someone already at one of the companies or that recently left. That's where I would start -- speak with as many of those contacts as you can and zero in on the right target -- then build as many warm intros as possible at the target.

Typically yes. And the more traction you already have, the more historical info you have on sales, the farther into the future you should model. 3 years is typical if you have traction and knowledge on which to base your projections.

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