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I can help you with strategy and focus. I'm a veteran Lean Startup evangelist. Experienced entrepreneur and intrapreneur (startup within a corporation). Mentor and consultant - serving startups in various stages (from idea to after few rounds) and accelerators in Israel. Worked also for big companies such as Amdocs and Elbit.

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I'm serving as startups' mentor for some years now, and an entrepreneur myself.

The key word is validation.

What you need to do now, in order to support your decision, is to test your assumptions with potential customers.

First have a short time dedicated to defining your idea in the following way:
1. Define the customer, the "job" this customer wants to get done, the hassle the customer is suffering from today, and the gap in the market - how do current solutions fail short. Make it clear for yourself - why this gap in the market really important for your customer.
Note that all of the above is just a collection of assumptions , until you validate them with customers.
2. Think where can you find customers (specifically early adopters, the ones that suffer the most today, with the maturity to get on board since they are really looking for a change).
3. Prepare your pitch for the problem, the root cause and the "so what".

Then get in touch with potential customers, go out of the building and try to validate your assumptions, in a way the customer really "pays" as an indicator for a stong, positive validation. Payment can be with a pre-order but can be other things - e.g., additional time allocated to you - setting up another meeting.

If you validated the problem and customer assumptions, even just with few customers, you may be up to something.

This process can be very fast, if you do it right.

Do it before you take any decision. Good luck.

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