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Here's what I'm bloody good at, what I'm insanely passionate about and how it can help you.

Helping you create and build a brand that's in demand. Untangling marketing knots, helping you stop flinging spaghetti at the wall and start creating marketing that sticks.

Finding the blocks and breakages in your brand and message that are stopping the sales coming in.

Helping you find the hidden magic in your brand and positioning it in the right way for your people.

Cutting through the clutter and weaving together your great skills and strengths into positioning that creates attention and demand

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I haven't used this company and have no affiliation with them but heard about them in a FB group recently. They may be worth looking at

Hi, without all the specifics around your audience and product, looking at Paid, Owned and Earned media. I'd suggest: JV's and collabs reaching through other peoples lists. Influencer outreach which would include media. Good 'ol FB advertising with a great hook, other social channels etc. It also depends on spend. You can grow an email list pretty quickly with good content and paid traffic. I'd also make sure you have an ongoing robust content strategy in place as well as making sure you have nailed your message and positioning before launch.

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