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Elaine Zhou
Inspirational Speaker | Leadership Trainer| Coach with John Maxwell Team (The #1 Leadership Authority in the world)
Lean In Singapore/Beijing Mentor for Women
Mentor for Wedu Organization Women Leadership Development
Founding Member of Swiss Leaders Group

Founder & Group CEO
CNEW International Pte Ltd (Singapore)
China New Entrepreneur Wisdom (Beijing) Ltd
Co-Founder & CEO, China Women Equipping Center
Author of You Can Create Your Life: How to Create Prosperity, Health and Happiness”

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India and Philippine from my own experience.

They are able to speak good English and possess specific expertise in different area. However when you get touch with any local outsourcing company or individual, It will be great if you go through the vetting process and selection.

I was asked often by this question, my answer is always the same, not everyone can be entrepreneur, it is always about how much strong desire he/she want to be successful? how much commitment put into success. Does she/he REALLY REALLY want to be success. I think most critical traits are perseverance and persistent and strong determination, how much exactly he knows what he want in business or life. It is a learning journey, none of us is perfect, from people skills, negotiation skills, sales, marketing and branding, we can learn along the journey or get a mentor in a specifically area. However, apart from the 3 traits I talked about, the top significance is about how RELATIONSHIP, if you know someone from business networking or other events, it is really all about how to create relationship with people and providing value, only you have the relationship and getting the stage of leverage. There is no such thing of self-made.

One relationship, one story, one success

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