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Results-driven leader with over 19 years of experience as a business development, sales and marketing executive. Counseled over 4,300 Small-Business Owners and built 6 Multi-Million Dollar Corporations. Success in exceeding sales goals, planning and directing activities that provide consumer satisfaction, community awareness and customer service solutions. Extensive experience in management and training of employees, financial management including profit and loss responsibility, leading project teams, and implementing and overseeing programs. Possess an in-depth understanding of marketing and promotion strategies, new business development and demographics, technical/business processes and requirements.

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Hey great question! I think you already answered it yourself. :) Just run each campaign for at most 3 days. Keep it new and fresh every time. Hope this works out great for you. Continued success and growth!

Well this sounds like a positive problem to have! Being overwhelmed with demand! One of the most challenging aspects of any business is how to grow it smoothly. Maybe funding isn't your answer right now. I would make an honest assessment of your current ability to fulfill orders and grow at your own pace.

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