Ron GagnierI am a product designer and business advisor

Product strategist, design thinker, customer experience guru, start-up advisor, real estate investor. I am available for calls with 2-3 days lead time.

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When working with any company the typical place I start is mapping out the customer journey. This will include how a customer explores their problem, discovers your service (and those of your competitors), evaluates options, decides on your product/service, how their need is fulfilled, followed by any follow-up. What I look for through this process are the barriers that prevent a customer from moving forward to the stage.

So your key questions are how is my offering helping customers to overcome their barriers and fulfill their goals.

Happy to discuss customer journey mapping in more detail if it is of interest to you.

I'll provide the standard UX answer: it depends. With the small bit of information you provided it is tough to make a definitive decision. Navigation is key element to user satisfaction. Effective support of the users task flow is critical. A home screen may or may not provide utility to the task flow - it depends on usage patterns. I'm happy to discuss to get more details...

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